A lifestyle.
Special guests need special locations.

A one-time, unforgettable experience for your group or event. Experience how Winnetou once felt and discover that the name ‘tipi’ stands for much more than just a large, round tent. A relaxing atmosphere is created with an open fire and rustic wooden furniture, which simply has to be experienced to be believed. There is space to accommodate up to 80 persons. Surprise your group with something different. Quote and installation upon request.

TIPI    Lechblickwiese    40-80     78 m2  
• Seating furniture upon request (for 6-8 pers.)
• Lighting
• Foldable side walls
• 2 entrances
• Fireplace (upon request)
• Reindeer skin (upon request)
• Ground sheet (upon request)
• Tent heating (upon request)

Good to know!

Booking, installation and quote
Our tipi including installation is bookable upon individual request and based on a quote.
Our tipi is a no-smoking area.
Sanitation facilities
Via Claudia Camping sanitation facilities including showers and toilets are situated close to the tipi.

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